Why I started FoxFoxRain

Why I started FoxFoxRain

Introducing "FoxFoxRain", a groundbreaking new entry in the world of Korean streetwear. Drawing inspiration from the charmingly elusive 빗바람에 여우비, or "fox rain", our brand encompasses the unexpected elements and contrasting aesthetics of this intriguing weather phenomenon, common in Korean folklore.

Just like the fox rain, where a sudden rainfall dapples the landscape while the sun remains brightly visible, our streetwear collection thrives on the harmonious coexistence of contrasts. It artfully blends the effervescent spirit of the bustling Korean streets with a sense of nostalgic allure, echoing the unexpected and mysterious charm of a sun-shower.

Our designs, much like a fox rain, are both rare and captivating. We imbue traditional motifs with a modern twist, creating a paradoxical fusion of new and old, shadow and light, flamboyance and subtlety. We draw on the vibrant, youthful energy of Korean pop culture while simultaneously paying homage to the country's rich heritage.

FoxFoxRain offers a range of distinctive pieces – from exquisitely tailored jackets reminiscent of the sleek and agile fox to intricate graphic tees embodying the fleeting, beautiful raindrops. Each piece holds a narrative, a synthesis of the magical and the mundane, the traditional and the avant-garde.

Step into the paradox that is FoxFoxRain, where we break the norms and defy the ordinary. Our pieces are not just about clothes but about a lifestyle, a state of mind that welcomes the unexpected. So join us as we dress the world in our vision - beautiful, rebellious, and mesmerizingly paradoxical, just like a fox rain under a clear sky.